Friday, July 15, 2016

Brightwood Brewery opens in Dartmouth, NS

(Dartmouth, NS) - The Darkside brewing community is set to grow again with partners Matthew McGrail and Ian Lawson opening Brightwood Brewery.

They will start selling tomorrow at the Alderney Landing Farmers Market and are bringing their first beer which is an American IPA called "The Big Lift". The brew weighs in at 6% ABV and 71 IBUs. You can purchase either size of their growlers for $9.00 (refundable)  and $15 for 1.89l fill $9 for 750 fill. They will fill other clean growlers, clean being key. 

They currently have a 1 BBL brew system with 4 - 1 BBL fermenters. They are starting with the one beer this week but will be coming out with another in the coming weeks as their production increases and expanding to the Halifax Forum Farmers Market and ultimately a few taps.