Sunday, July 10, 2016

NBCAPA Announces a New Gala to Recognize Excellence

(Fredericton, NB) - New Brunswick Association of Craft Alcohol Producers (NBCAPA), following a General Members Meeting held yesterday in Fredericton, have announced there will be an annual gala to recognize the best of what the industry in New Brunswick has to offer. The gala will coincide with the Fredericton Craft Beer Festival in March each year.

NBCAPA says leading up to the gala, fun monthly contests will be organized on social media under different categories, like naming New Brunswick's “hoppiest product” for example. While there are still items that need to be finalized, nominated products would be available for tasting in New Brunswick bars, pubs and tap rooms.

Members at NBCAPA meeting yesterday
“The Gala is a fantastic opportunity to highlight all the great products made by our members and it’s an opportunity to highlight all the artisans involved as well as getting the word out about our Association’s activities,” says President Stephen Dixon.

Among other issues discussed at yesterdays meeting are the ongoing complexities each producer has regarding distribution. “We are a fast growing industry. We share a lot of common issues that we can work towards solving together,” Dixon stated.

NBCAPA represents close to 30 craft brewers, cideries, meaderies, wineries and distillers in New Brunswick. It was created last year to help the industry promote its products and its economic contribution to the provincial economy.

For any details on the gala or NBCAPA contact Stephen Dixon, president at (506) 454-4810.