Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tidehouse Brewing to Open in Downtown Halifax

Tidehouse Brewing has announced they are hoping to open next month, if all goes as planned, at 5187 Salter Street in downtown Halifax. Long time friends Shean Higgins and Peter Lionais will be the sole employees with Peter doing the brewing and Shean doing sales and general operations of the business.
They say that the desire to open a brewery comes from both being creative people, wanting to be their own bosses and create something they're proud of that they own. As Shean puts it "If you're going to have to work, and we all have to, why not work for something you love?"
Tidehouse is starting out on a Synergy Brewing 26 gallon system (98 L) that has been modified for electric elements with a plan of running double brew days 4 times a week at least to start.

The brewery will be starting with approachable beers from recipes that the owners have been developing for years and look forward to having fun with some experimental brews. 
The first four beers will be:
Golden Glacier– We both like a lot of the same flavour profiles, but we do disagree on some things too. Its a healthy balance we strike but one hop we've always both been big fans of is Glacier. 
The Copper – A darker amber with just a hint of smoke. The owners like smokey beers, but really like it when things are balanced. When playing with specialty malts they've learned over the years that less is more. 
Mild Thing – A low ABV, malty, sessionable brew.
Like A Motorcyc-ale – A very dark, yet sessionable ale. Inspired by the band Like A Motorcycle. Think a smaller version of an India Black Ale/Cascadian Dark Ale. It is lighter in body, but it parties hard. Just like the band.
The initial lineup of four ales will be pre-filled in growlers and on tap in several local restaurants and taprooms.

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