Monday, November 6, 2017

AKA Beer Opens nanobrewery in Bathurst

AKA Beer
(Bathurst, NB) - AKA Beer has quietly opened after two years of planning and went on tap at Au Bootlegger at 100 Main Street in Bathurst. 
The AKA Beer name comes from the initials of its 3 founders, Adam, Kyle and Andy Hodnett. The  small nanobrewery will be focusing on unique small-batch draught. Their flagship amber ale is named “Prohibition Ale, AKA Bootlegger’s Brew.” “I’ve been working on this recipe for years,” said Kyle Hodnett, the Brewmaster and a small-scale farmer from North Tetagouche. “Friends have always wanted to be able to buy it.” 
Adam, Kyle and Andy Hodnett and Michael Petrovici
The brewery has intentions of involving customers in the beer-making process as much as possible, while also incorporating as many unique local flavours as possible. “We wanted to provide just one more reason to draw people to the great businesses in the area,” said Adam Hodnett, co-owner and owner of Folk Media Communications – a content marketing company in the area. “We also want people to have a hand in the development of the beer.” 
The half-barrel system allows for the production of 80 litres at a time, just enough to serve Au Bootlegger with the “Prohibition Ale” remaining an exclusive there. Plans are in the works for a locally hopped batch before the end of 2017.