Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Garrison Brewing Has Two Kettle Sours on Tap

Photo from Garrison Brewing 
(Halifax, NS) - Garrison Brewing released a couple of new beers in draft only, so they are on tap at the brewery for samples and growler fills, and they may be at licensees around town.
First is another one of Daniel’s small batch kettle sours, Holy Gose. This one is a nice thirst quenching gose with fruit flavours such as apple, peach, and orange zest, with a light saltiness. The 5.4% ABV beer also has orange zest and sea salt that they describe as having moderate sourness, light salty and fruity character (apple, peach & orange zest) and finishing with a refreshing acidity.
The second sour is La Menta, meaning “mint” in Spanish. It was brewed with mint from Tim Fletcher, a local home brewer and beer judge. The beer has a similar idea as the Saison Froide that Daniel made a couple of years ago. The mint brings that unique “cold” or refreshing character to the beer. It is described as apple cider-like with lime and delicate mint flavor and finishes dry with a refreshing acidity at 5.2% ABV.