Thursday, November 2, 2017

Stillwell Brewing to Release Stillwell Four

(Halifax, NS) - Stillwell Brewing will be launching Stillwell Four at Bar Stillwell's 4th Anniversary Party on Saturday November 18th. This will also be the launch of Stillwell Brewing's farmhouse bottle program.
The ale was brewed on May 29th and matured in a single sauvignon blanc barrel with oats, wheat and pils malt and a lower IBU to encourage acidity and to make room for barrel tannins and wine character, Stillwell Four will be available at the bar for on-site consumption, and then at the brewery on Gottigen Street the next day, November 19th, from noon til 4 PM for retail purchase. They don't anticipate this beer seeing any distribution beyond the bar and the brewery. Stillwell Four will come in 500 ml bottles and is 6.2% ABV.