Monday, December 11, 2017

Tatamagouche Brewing to Release Feronia American Brett

Photo from
Tatamagouche Brewing
(Tatamagouche, NS) - Tatamagouche Brewing has a new beer coming out in 750 ml cork and cage bottles on December 14th, Feronia American Brett (5.1% 20 IBU). Named after the Roman goddess of untamed nature, this American Brett is a blend of three strains of wild yeast. Fermented with 100 % brettanomyces, aged on organic plums and bottle-conditioned, allowing this beer to naturally carbonate. They say the result is dark fruit and classic funk, a description befitting this wild goddess. 
There are 650 bottles that will be in the brewery as well as a few going to the private stores in Halifax. Tatamagouche also have some kegs that will find their way to a few bars in Halifax next week.