Friday, December 8, 2017

Upstreet Craft Brewing Announces Million Acres Series

(Charlottetown, PE) - Upstreet Craft Brewing has announced Million Acres Series. Million Acres will bring you unique barrel-aged and farmhouse-style ales, hand-bottled and bottle-conditioned in very limited batches. 
The first release in the series is Twice Hopped Sour with Centennial and Chinook. It was released today and is only available at their taproom. This is the first beer brewed to use PEI-grown barley from Spring Valley Farms as the base 2-row malt. The beer was soured in the kettle using a house-grown culture started from a handful of that grain a couple of days before the brew day. At that same time, their hop farmers at Moose Mountain Hops and Southam Farms in New Brunswick were harvesting their 2017 crop of Chinook and Centennial. Upstreet asked for a favour and were able to get enough dried and pelletized to pull off the brew day just in time. After fermentation was over, they added dry-hops at double the rate of any beer they’ve ever done before. 
Upstreet says "As with all of our Million Acres beers, we encourage you to gather more than one bottle. Enjoy it right away if you so chose, and then on a special occasion, crack into another bottle, and we really mean crack with all your might because those corks are in there tight!" The beer is 5.5% ABV and 15 IBU.