Saturday, September 14, 2013

Many Hands Wet Hopped Imperial Pale Ale Review

     The beer is a collaboration between Bridge Brewing Company and Boxing Rock Brewing. The beer uses 100% vienna malt and 110 pounds of wet hops (cascade, chinook and williamette) from Lazy Acres of Gaspereau Valley.

     On pouring, the beer was a nice clear golden color with a nice thick head. It has a very nice hop aroma. 

On tasting there was a fair amount of carbonation on the tongue. At 55 degrees it the bulk of the taste was hoppy and a dry resiny finish. As the beer warmed up to around 65 degrees I noted the peachy grapefruit and some of the malt. The finish was slightly dry and of course hoppy but not overwhelming. 

     This harvest beer collaboration was a great effort and rewarded us this this delicious beverage.  It is available from September 14, 2013 until it runs out.

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