Thursday, September 5, 2013


Welcome to the August 26th edition of the Maritime Beer report. Sorry for the delay but I was travelling and the connections were not so great. 

There doesn't seem to be a lot of news this week but I noticed the local brewers are out harvesting hops with some special some special wet hopping concoctions being brewed. 

One such wet hop brew is at Big Spruce. Big Spruce Harvest Series of single batch craft ales is kicking it off by brewing a hop harvest IPA. They plan to continually wet hop the beer as they brew it with fresh hops from their yard - in the mash run, the kettle, and again post boil through a hop back they are rigging up. 

Hart & Thistle is now offering Hop Candy II. It is a 6.5% IPA and 57 IBUs. 

Grimross Brewing now has Bayard Belgian Blond is in growlers now. Stop by the Picaroons Brewtique to get yours. Nice light, floral nose, clean straw at 7%.

I got a nice message from LocaltravelerNS "Just want to say how much we are loving your maritime beer report. Great changes this week, I really like the new intro. Re. Rogues, turns out(according to garrison) that the raspberry wheat is actually a collaboration between the two breweries, and is the same beer. This is according to the garrison twitter account but having tasted both I can believe it. Looking forward to next weeks show!" Thanks for the compliment and passing on the information.

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