Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beer Review - Sea Level Brewing New Scotland Heather Ale

The latest harvest time beer I am reviewing is Sea Level Brewing's New Scotland Heather Ale. It is 5% ABV and uses fresh heather in the process grown in the valley at NSCC in Kentville NS. 

The brewery calls it a hybrid as they use a pilsner malt. It was a straw to yellow in color with very little head and light carbonation. I had difficulty identifying the aroma. At times I got an almost apple like smell but the rest was something I never encountered before. 

 The taste is very light and clean with a little carbonation and a nice finish. It is a nice easy drinking beer without any dryness or hoppiness. A great and interesting beer for sure. 

 Add this to your list of harvest beers to try this fall if it is available in your area.