Friday, August 8, 2014

Gahan House Brewpub Opening in Halifax September 2014

Gahan House which has been around in Charlottetown in one form or another since the 90s is coming to Halifax. I had a quick chat with Ben Murphy to see what we can expect at the new location in the old Hart & Thistle location in the Historic Properties. 

I asked him why they would come to Halifax to begin with, he said there were three main reasons to come here. First the Gahan brand has been very well received in Nova Scotia, second is the exciting craft beer scene in Nova Scotia and lastly was the almost turn key opportunity of a brewpub for rent. 

They expect to run the brewpub on the proven formula they currently have running the new location with primarily the same menu and beer offerings. There may be unique offerings from time to time on the menu and with their own brewmaster you may see some unique beers. 

Hiring is going well but if you are interested in working for them get your application in very soon.

Look for an opening party new month with food and fun.