Friday, August 29, 2014

Maritime Beer Report - August 29, 2014

Hello and welcome to the August 29th edition of the Maritime beer report.

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault announced that Taunte Blanche was bottled and is making its way down to ANBL stores on York Street in Fredericton, Régis Street in Dieppe and Vaughn Harvey Blvd in Moncton.

Picaroons Traditional Ales says Upstream Ale is now getting released around New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. They say "Help support the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation by drinking BEER!" On the shelves for a limited time in support of the Foundation.

Picaroons' also announced that they've brewed a new beer. Announcing the Selection Double IPA, a new IPA that's hopped to the max with Pride of Ringwood, Brambling Cross, Cascade, Orbit, Galaxy, Sorachi Ace, & Slovenian hops. But say say beware, this is a strong ale weighing in at 7.9% ABV. The Selection Double IPA will be getting tapped on Thursday September 4th for in-Growlers only, at the BREWTIQUE in Downtown Fredericton, and at the Alcool NB Liquor Prospect Street location in Uptown Fredericton.

Pump House to Brew Ancient Stone Beer in Celebration of 15th Anniversary. During the Middle Ages, brew kettles were made of wood and could not be direct-fired from a heat source without the fear of burning the kettle to the ground. With necessity being the mother of invention, brewers of the day developed what is now known as Stein Beer, stein meaning “stone”.
These clever beer-making alchemists of the day would add super flame-heated stones to the beer wort which achieved the desired heat levels required. During this process, the malt sugars that are present would caramelize directly and immediately to the stones creating a very distinct flavour.
Pump House Stonefire Ale will commence its path into Maritime brewing history on September 3rd complete with a “Stone Drop” event. Only 4000 750-mL bottles of Stonefire Ale will be available for purchase and will be on the shelves at ANBL and NSLC stores in late October.

Big Spruce Brewing thanks the hop pickers and says they are using the first of their on farm, fresh organic hops to this year's wet hopped ale. They call it Hoppily Remarried. They say it is a slimmer and younger version of last year's harvest beer. They say the IBUs are incalculable - lots of magnum, cascade and Mt Hood hops. They are brewing as an Imperial IPA and hope to reach 8.4% ABV.

Rock Bottom Brewpub says that Rhubarb π will be on tap Today. This lacto sour is 4.6% ABV and is acidic and tangy, refreshing, barny, and tastes like, you guessed it, rhubarb.

Ladies Beer League is offering a sneak peak of The Gahan House Harbourfront. Join them on September 8th at 7 pm and sample 10 of Gahan's brews with brewmaster Karen Allen. There were a few tickets left a lunch time today.

Thanks for joining me again this week and enjoy responsibly over the long week end.