Friday, September 5, 2014

NB Liquor adds growlers to its product line

Today I went into the Dieppe ANBL store as I usually do when I am in the Moncton area and low and behold there was a shiny stainless steel counter with growlers and taps on it. The ANBL is running a pilot at three stores in NB, Dieppe, Prospect in Fredericton and KV in the Saint John area. To get a 1.89 litre growlers will cost you 10 dollars to get you started and it is yours to keep. Then to fill it will cost you between 10 and 12 dollars depending on the beer, more on that in a minute. The growler will be refilled each time you bring it back so it is important that it is clean. It is also important to note they will only refill ANBL growler and note any others.

The growler station is not open the same as store hours, mostly evenings and Saturday afternoon and evening. Of the three taps in Dieppe one is dedicated to Pump House, one for Molson craft beer offerings (eg Creemore Springs) and the last tap changes every week to a new offering, to start this week it is Flying Monkey Genius of Suburbia. The stores are all a little different, for the full listing this week see here.
My thoughts on this is it is a good thought but the growlers are really too expensive but the fills are bang on and I am not sure why it isn't open store hours, but I think this is a step in a the right direction.