Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gahan House Harbourfront - Great new brewpub for Halifax

I had the recent privilege to attend a guided beer tasting at the newly opened Gahan House in Halifax with the Ladies Beer League. The pub is in the heart of downtown sticking out into Halifax harbour in the The Historic Properties. There is an ample outdoor area but entry is in the Historic Properties. You are greeted by a host at the door and you enter into the large airy space with lots of windows and vaulted ceiling, then there is the bar sporting 14 taps and the oyster bar. 

The tasting was led by the new in-house brew master Karen Allen, who is a native of Antigonish. The tasting ran the gamut of Gahan offerings from Beach Chair Lager to Sydney Street Stout, but the two at the end were the two current offerings brewed in the pub. The first was a dry-hopped IPA called Hippy Cousin weighing in at 6% ABV and 65 IBUs, it is hoppy, earthy and delicious. The other one that was available was Beer & Loathing, a strong Belgian ale at 8% ABV, I really enjoyed this one. It was spicy and sweet and even had a little hoppiness to boot.

After the tastings Karen took small groups up, yes the brewing is done up above the main floor (I hate to be the guy to carry the bags of malt up there). She says to look forward to a valley peach lager coming very soon. 
I think Gahan has a winner in the new location and I look forward to many visits here in the future.